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Travelog : Bangkok Thailand

 First timer traveler. JMY present to you his first vacation.

Hi everyone, how are you? Do you feel excited? I am so excited to share a very good moment I had in Bangkok. It was so hilarious and I had so much fun over there.Therefore I am glad to share my experience over there!

Ready for departure. Check list, Pastport and boarding pass!

Can't you see how excited I am

Ready to fly :)

Air Asia

One word to describe Bangkok? 

It suppose to be a very massive traffic here during weekdays and even weekend

Massive! Why? It is because Bangkok is such a big city and it comes with varieties, I mean the people, place and lifestyle. In my opinion Bangkok it a place that gather a big community of human being. The co-economy status and background it too different, it is proven when you may travel via systematic MRT and you can also choose to take a motorbike. You may choose to eat at super expensive restaurant or have your lunch at the street. This is my little review about Bangkok but I don't really want to have such educational review. Yawn.

The first day : Most excited moment for the first timer
Before we go further,I would like to thank my best friend Ammarr cause he is the want who set this vacation for both of us. It was our dream to have a vacation together since we were roomate. We chose Air Asia as our flight and booked this online through Expedia.Here I would like to thank them for a convenience and affordable service.

Thank Ammar for a very good planned vacation

I took early morning flight which is 6.45 am (Friday/28 June 2013) to Bangkok from LCCT to Don Mueang airport.The flight took about 2 hours and 5 minutes.After we arrived in Bangkok, we took bus (A1) from airport to Bangkok City. This is the cheapest way for you as the fare is only 30 Baht. We took this bus to Chatuchark Park where you can get the MRT over there. It is like Bandar Tasik  Selatan station in KL where you can choose KTM or LRT. 

In the bus

Street market nearby Chatuhak Park

Chatuchak Park Station

The MRT route
We chose to get the subway to sukhumvit. Since it was our fisrt time in Bangkok we just took the Subway and go to Sukhumvit because the name remind us of one of the restaurant in Kg Baru KL.This trip cost us 34 Baht. There is a shopping mall near this station  and you may have a look. However it is not advisable since you just arrive and you may need to enjoy the scenary before you spend for shopping. 

Act you guys may have a look at the street market beside Chatuchark Station first before you make a move to Bangkok City. Yes, you may a have a small shop or even have to first food in Bangkok. For Muslims, it is a bit difficult for you to get the Halal food since porks are everywhere! 

There is variety of food that you may choose

After we had a small tour at Sukhumvit, we took taxi to Silom Road which cost us 145 Baht. We were actually planned to get taxi boat to Khosan Road since our Motel located there. It was a scene there since the taxi driver was influence us to go to floating market with him and definitely it was cost us more than  what we suppose to pay. So, it is advisable if you just tell them that it is not your first time in Bangkok, if not they will applied the trick. 
We was stucked at Silom Road about 20 minutes to get off from the taxi driver. He force us to take the private boat for a tour which cost us 1000 baht. Hello, it is so expensive for bag packers like us okay! We rejected the offer in such manner and acting like have tour in Silom Road.Street market is available here and you can shopping and having lunch. I don't really know on the night life since we were not staying here.

Acting like taking pictures to escape from the taxi driver
After we manage to escape from that scary scene, we took tut tut Khosan Road to check in and this trip cost us 200 baht. This are is very nice and a lot of tourist. There was a lot of motel and hotel which is under budget. The choice is yours!

Tut Tut

Escape! Enjoying tut tut ride

 I extremely suggest you guys to stay at Khoasan Road because it is amazing and entertaining! There is a lot of bars that you may have so much fun, restaurant and the night market is just awesome.On top of that there is a number of place that you can visit over there. Such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Chetuphon, Grand Palace and Thai museum.

Bag Packers

Bargain and get it

Merchandise. Please be careful when you snap a picture. Sometimes they are not allow you to do so!

We were experinced ride for taxi boat here as well. The nearest taxi boat station here will be Phra Ar Thit Pier (N13). We took the boat to Tha Tien Pier (N8) for a small shopping and we had luch over there. There a lot of shop here and a lot of Wat as well. However we were not that lucky since all of Wat were close to tourist since it was a Budha day. 

Inside Taxi Boat
It was so excited for us to enjoy the scenery and get to know of Thai people lifestyle and culture plus heritage. I was so amaze with the lifestyle over there because it so hetic and you have to survive with the massive city. I am glad and honour to be Malaysian because I couldn't imagine how I can live here with a very massive traffic and a very competitive.

We enjoy the night life here in Khosan Road, having dinner and shopping. Actually there is other things that you may do such as enjoying show and all that but it required fee. So we just enjoy the free show at the street only.
Night life, sorry for bad quality of the picture

Pat Thai Sea Food :)

2nd day

We were going to floating market which is a symbolic or character of Bangkok. Everyone who came here must go to any floating market to enjoy the scenery. It is like must go place in the country same like you must go to ifle tour if you are in Paris. It was very nice market and a lot of foods and stuff that you may purchase over there. There is a lot of fruits and they are cheap. I was attracted to grill banana with the sweet garnish and sticky rice with mango. I wasn't buy any other food because they come with pork.


By the way, this trip cost us 250 baht each from Bangkok to floating market. You may just any travel agency over there for this kind of trip. The only different is the price. This trip took us around 2 hours from Bangkok since the floating market only available outside Bangkok City

Floating market

Apart from floating market you may also go to pataya, train market, or crocadile farm on the same day trip. Since we were in limited budget we just took half day trip and back to Bangkok. Khosan road is like open 24/7 and we have a walk there again.

Get yours
 We manage to find a halal restaurant here for lunch. Intoduce you Sarah Restaurant Italian and Thai Food.

Halal food in Bangkok

After having a lunch we back to Motel and move to another Hotel. This second hotel is more expensive yet more comfortable. We chose this hotel for experience pleasure! We check in around 5PM and just enjoy the accommodation there such as Sauna, gym, swimming pool and had a body pampered "thai massage" it was so relaxing and refreshing for tomorrow shopping time

Pleasure seeker

 3rd day

Go back home! It is so short but full of activities. Perhaps I may have a longer trip if I happend to choose Bangkok again for a vacation. Since today is the last day, we just had our sweet time to pack the belongings and enjoy the breafast at the hotel since it is come with the package. So we can spend more on shopping after pampered the stomach.

We took a taxi to MBK which is a very famous shopping centre and most recommended by local and tourist for shopping. It is like lot 10 in Bukit Bintang but lot 10 is better. Hehe. If you want to take MRT you may disembark at Siam station or national stadium station. On top of MBK, you may go to Siam Tour and few others shopping mall because they are near to each other and walking distance. For me, I don't really enjoy shopping here because it is still expensive for me. However those who have attention to purchase branded stuff, it may be the right time and place for you to shop. I can see a lot of local and tourist had so much fun purchase expensive stuff which is cheaper here.

In front of Siam Tower. Sorry cause I have no picture for MBK centre :(


After, we do a little shopping in Bangkok City, we found that it is still expensive for you to shop in overseas. Therefore, I was set in my mind not even think to much about shopping for my second vacation. It will only ruined your day because you might nit allocate too much amount to be spend for merchandise. 

It is a great moment for me and for you to enjoy the different between your own country and the country that you visit. You may say that vacation will cost you a lot but there is a way for you to spend less and enjoy more. I am so happy cause I rewarded myself with this short trip and I really had so much fun there.

I hope this review may give you an idea for your next vacation and briefly idea about Bangkok. I really love this place! I may choose this place again for a vacation with my mates. Perhaps two years from now. Bangkok, hope see you again.

-Till then-

JMY 1 July 2013
Thank you for reading this entry

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