Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Assalamualaikum Aidilfitri

Assalamualaikum ladies and gentlemen

I would like to wish all of you happy eid.
Thinking of eid, reminds me of my childhood memories. It was the time when I were enjoying life with no doubt. I was so happy with what I have without questioning too much. I wish I could go back and remain there. What to do? Life must go on and I have to be strong for this. Therefore, I am going to enjoy my eid and keep positive! I wont let the negative thoughts ruin my days. Dear Allah, please ease my way and give me happiness. Salam Aidilfitri to all. I do apologies for any incovienince and wrong doings. Prayvall the best to all muslims around the world. InsyaAllah

EID 2014

Monday, 1 July 2013

Travelog : Bangkok Thailand

 First timer traveler. JMY present to you his first vacation.

Hi everyone, how are you? Do you feel excited? I am so excited to share a very good moment I had in Bangkok. It was so hilarious and I had so much fun over there.Therefore I am glad to share my experience over there!

Ready for departure. Check list, Pastport and boarding pass!

Can't you see how excited I am

Ready to fly :)

Air Asia

One word to describe Bangkok? 

It suppose to be a very massive traffic here during weekdays and even weekend

Massive! Why? It is because Bangkok is such a big city and it comes with varieties, I mean the people, place and lifestyle. In my opinion Bangkok it a place that gather a big community of human being. The co-economy status and background it too different, it is proven when you may travel via systematic MRT and you can also choose to take a motorbike. You may choose to eat at super expensive restaurant or have your lunch at the street. This is my little review about Bangkok but I don't really want to have such educational review. Yawn.

The first day : Most excited moment for the first timer
Before we go further,I would like to thank my best friend Ammarr cause he is the want who set this vacation for both of us. It was our dream to have a vacation together since we were roomate. We chose Air Asia as our flight and booked this online through Expedia.Here I would like to thank them for a convenience and affordable service.

Thank Ammar for a very good planned vacation

I took early morning flight which is 6.45 am (Friday/28 June 2013) to Bangkok from LCCT to Don Mueang airport.The flight took about 2 hours and 5 minutes.After we arrived in Bangkok, we took bus (A1) from airport to Bangkok City. This is the cheapest way for you as the fare is only 30 Baht. We took this bus to Chatuchark Park where you can get the MRT over there. It is like Bandar Tasik  Selatan station in KL where you can choose KTM or LRT. 

In the bus

Street market nearby Chatuhak Park

Chatuchak Park Station

The MRT route
We chose to get the subway to sukhumvit. Since it was our fisrt time in Bangkok we just took the Subway and go to Sukhumvit because the name remind us of one of the restaurant in Kg Baru KL.This trip cost us 34 Baht. There is a shopping mall near this station  and you may have a look. However it is not advisable since you just arrive and you may need to enjoy the scenary before you spend for shopping. 

Act you guys may have a look at the street market beside Chatuchark Station first before you make a move to Bangkok City. Yes, you may a have a small shop or even have to first food in Bangkok. For Muslims, it is a bit difficult for you to get the Halal food since porks are everywhere! 

There is variety of food that you may choose

After we had a small tour at Sukhumvit, we took taxi to Silom Road which cost us 145 Baht. We were actually planned to get taxi boat to Khosan Road since our Motel located there. It was a scene there since the taxi driver was influence us to go to floating market with him and definitely it was cost us more than  what we suppose to pay. So, it is advisable if you just tell them that it is not your first time in Bangkok, if not they will applied the trick. 
We was stucked at Silom Road about 20 minutes to get off from the taxi driver. He force us to take the private boat for a tour which cost us 1000 baht. Hello, it is so expensive for bag packers like us okay! We rejected the offer in such manner and acting like have tour in Silom Road.Street market is available here and you can shopping and having lunch. I don't really know on the night life since we were not staying here.

Acting like taking pictures to escape from the taxi driver
After we manage to escape from that scary scene, we took tut tut Khosan Road to check in and this trip cost us 200 baht. This are is very nice and a lot of tourist. There was a lot of motel and hotel which is under budget. The choice is yours!

Tut Tut

Escape! Enjoying tut tut ride

 I extremely suggest you guys to stay at Khoasan Road because it is amazing and entertaining! There is a lot of bars that you may have so much fun, restaurant and the night market is just awesome.On top of that there is a number of place that you can visit over there. Such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Chetuphon, Grand Palace and Thai museum.

Bag Packers

Bargain and get it

Merchandise. Please be careful when you snap a picture. Sometimes they are not allow you to do so!

We were experinced ride for taxi boat here as well. The nearest taxi boat station here will be Phra Ar Thit Pier (N13). We took the boat to Tha Tien Pier (N8) for a small shopping and we had luch over there. There a lot of shop here and a lot of Wat as well. However we were not that lucky since all of Wat were close to tourist since it was a Budha day. 

Inside Taxi Boat
It was so excited for us to enjoy the scenery and get to know of Thai people lifestyle and culture plus heritage. I was so amaze with the lifestyle over there because it so hetic and you have to survive with the massive city. I am glad and honour to be Malaysian because I couldn't imagine how I can live here with a very massive traffic and a very competitive.

We enjoy the night life here in Khosan Road, having dinner and shopping. Actually there is other things that you may do such as enjoying show and all that but it required fee. So we just enjoy the free show at the street only.
Night life, sorry for bad quality of the picture

Pat Thai Sea Food :)

2nd day

We were going to floating market which is a symbolic or character of Bangkok. Everyone who came here must go to any floating market to enjoy the scenery. It is like must go place in the country same like you must go to ifle tour if you are in Paris. It was very nice market and a lot of foods and stuff that you may purchase over there. There is a lot of fruits and they are cheap. I was attracted to grill banana with the sweet garnish and sticky rice with mango. I wasn't buy any other food because they come with pork.


By the way, this trip cost us 250 baht each from Bangkok to floating market. You may just any travel agency over there for this kind of trip. The only different is the price. This trip took us around 2 hours from Bangkok since the floating market only available outside Bangkok City

Floating market

Apart from floating market you may also go to pataya, train market, or crocadile farm on the same day trip. Since we were in limited budget we just took half day trip and back to Bangkok. Khosan road is like open 24/7 and we have a walk there again.

Get yours
 We manage to find a halal restaurant here for lunch. Intoduce you Sarah Restaurant Italian and Thai Food.

Halal food in Bangkok

After having a lunch we back to Motel and move to another Hotel. This second hotel is more expensive yet more comfortable. We chose this hotel for experience pleasure! We check in around 5PM and just enjoy the accommodation there such as Sauna, gym, swimming pool and had a body pampered "thai massage" it was so relaxing and refreshing for tomorrow shopping time

Pleasure seeker

 3rd day

Go back home! It is so short but full of activities. Perhaps I may have a longer trip if I happend to choose Bangkok again for a vacation. Since today is the last day, we just had our sweet time to pack the belongings and enjoy the breafast at the hotel since it is come with the package. So we can spend more on shopping after pampered the stomach.

We took a taxi to MBK which is a very famous shopping centre and most recommended by local and tourist for shopping. It is like lot 10 in Bukit Bintang but lot 10 is better. Hehe. If you want to take MRT you may disembark at Siam station or national stadium station. On top of MBK, you may go to Siam Tour and few others shopping mall because they are near to each other and walking distance. For me, I don't really enjoy shopping here because it is still expensive for me. However those who have attention to purchase branded stuff, it may be the right time and place for you to shop. I can see a lot of local and tourist had so much fun purchase expensive stuff which is cheaper here.

In front of Siam Tower. Sorry cause I have no picture for MBK centre :(


After, we do a little shopping in Bangkok City, we found that it is still expensive for you to shop in overseas. Therefore, I was set in my mind not even think to much about shopping for my second vacation. It will only ruined your day because you might nit allocate too much amount to be spend for merchandise. 

It is a great moment for me and for you to enjoy the different between your own country and the country that you visit. You may say that vacation will cost you a lot but there is a way for you to spend less and enjoy more. I am so happy cause I rewarded myself with this short trip and I really had so much fun there.

I hope this review may give you an idea for your next vacation and briefly idea about Bangkok. I really love this place! I may choose this place again for a vacation with my mates. Perhaps two years from now. Bangkok, hope see you again.

-Till then-

JMY 1 July 2013
Thank you for reading this entry

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Happy Father's Day



Dear daddy (basically ayah in Bahasa),

Today, is a very special day for all daddy in the world. Same goes to you, my beloved daddy. So, i write a very special letter for me to express my feelings and loves for you. First and most, I would like to thank you for every single thing that you did for me, especially your scarifies and loves in the way you brought me up. I feel blessed to have a dad like you.

Special dedication to Mr Mohd Naim Mahmud a.k.a Alias.

Dad, I know you may not read this letter because it is posted on my blog and it is not mailed to your place. Actually I am so shy if you may find this out one day. Of course I will extremely shy because this is not the practice in our family. No love letter neither poem to be shared at the dining table. Living in a very simple lifestyle thought you to express love by being responsible and accountable.It is actually more that enough, not necessary to be so romantic. Isn't it? Cause I know, deep in your heart it will be a very long letter that could only be read by heart as well.

Dad, I know that you was went through all the hassle since you were a kid. Living with your super fierce grandma though you how to survive in a very competitive world. You have to wake up early in the morning where the other kids still sleeping just to help on selling kuih and picking up fruits from the farm. I know it was not that easy for you to hang in there. However, you did it dad. Good job my hero! You show the world that you are capable enough to conquer the galaxy.

I understand You may not complete your study in high school because you was not in the position that you may pursue your study to higher level. However you are a great teacher of mine. When I was in primary school you are my super talented English and maths teacher ever. I still remember the day that you arrived home after your evening shift, you helped me out to complete my homework even though you was damn tired. I believe so, because I feel like to faint every time i came back from afternoon shift even. You are so strong daddy!

Furthermore, you are such noble human being that I know, who is willing to just have a very simple lunch to treat you just because to ensure your son may continue his study without any problem. I was so touched when I get to know you only brought fried fish with simple gravy even you were struggling at your work place. I can't imagine how if I were in your shoes. I don't think I may be that strong

Daddy, there are too may kindness of you that I may share, it won't be enough to write a letter on a page of post. However, I believe those who read this will believe you are an awesome daddy and they will amin my doa that I will forward for you

"O Allah, I forward my doa for my beloved daddy, for You to grant him Jannah and to bring happiness through out his life with Iman and taqwa"


Monday, 15 April 2013

A new start after a long pause

Hi readers,

I am back. I believe that I have a very less viewers since my blog was remain unattended for almost a year. Actually, I miss to write again and again. Now, I just found my identity for my blog, my approach will be facts and feeling. The reason of these theme to be selected as my identity because i would like to share my knowledge with my readers and express my feeling with someone. Not to be so boring, i will try to share the best info and express my feeling in manner and. I promise not to be annoying. Hehe.

Therefore, this will be my new post as a new me. Please address me as Jaiey a.k.a Jack. Hope this may be a medium for me to have a new connection with my new world. InsyaALLAH.

That's all for this time being. Can't wait for better post. Enjoy guys.


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bila Resah

sAlam kusapa buat kalian semua.
tErasa seperti ingin ku lukis sebuah puisi indah dengan kata - kata.
kuharapkan kata -  kata ini bukan kata - kata nista walaupun aku sedar aku bukan seorang pujangga.
lama sudah tidak aku coretkan isi hati dengan penuh lenggok bahasa menyapa.
mungkin urbanisasi dan modenisasi cuba mengalih melodi aku berbicara.
namun, bila resah suka untuk aku nyayikan lagu indah.
menerpa ke hati tertanam di lubuk sanubari.
resah ini umpama racun kerana mampu membunuh.
membunuh rasa dan mengkafankan tawa.
senyum sudah tidak bermakna seolah lukisan tanpa warna.
resah bukan seperti ranting kerana resah tidak terpaut di dahan.
resah buat hati bergelora dalam ombak perasaan duka.
mohon aku diberi kekuatan untuk buang resah yang berkelana di hati.
agar gundah yang singgah tanpa diundang mampu pergi tanpa diusir.
biar resah lupus pupus supaya senyum terukir dari hati bukan hanya mainan mimpi.

Friday, 3 June 2011

thE vAcay was aWesome...FULLSTOP!!!

 sAntai sejenak bersama jaiey dan insan2 tersayang

HeLLo peeps!!! aM bAck!!! hEhehehe…
Am so sorry because couldn’t join  uolls hEre…
Haaaacuummm… (to much dust sbb lama x menulis…heheheh)
Btw I just pass an interview and now I already have my first job…
Alhamdulillah for this opportunity and I considered this as a gift from The Mighty ALLAH…
Am very honored to have a job just after I finish my practicum…
Syukur sgt2 sebab ALLAH perMudahkan seGala urusan…
Act I don’t want to talk too much about my job because am very new there… heheheh
Do u know why I was so busy for pass 2 weeks…
It is because there was a vacation with all of my sayang…
For those who know me very well u may know who are my sayang2… heheheh
Act the vacay was not planned very details and it was just like a date…
U know wat???
How ‘gigih’ I am because of miss-sickness???
After I arrived changlun about 7 a.m (bertapa dlm bus almost 11 hours) we straight away to Penang and wait for dR airieL to start the vacay…
Tyme 2 I mMg x pikir pasal leteyh or wat… sbb mmg nak enjoy because lMe gilErr x juMpa my sayang2…

So the journey start at metropolitan changlun basically…

sEmpat post sakan tyme naek fery... hahahaha...

We had our breakfast at a warung there and we were heading to pEnang…
I was so excited and I can feel the sense of happiness once I being with my syg2…
Dlm kEreta yang dipandu oLeh cik hOney violet ktorg mMg enjoy sGt n boleh dengar laharan dr kak eMbun n kAk ani (teka sapa 2???heheheh)
Wow… It was so enjoyable and hilarious…
After we arrived in penang… we went to bus station to pick up dR. airil yg bru bLk dr London okayhh… hehehhe
skRg dah cukup corum n mMg boleh mula bErgembira… waaaa syokkk gilerrr…
first dEstination is sUshi king…

tadaaa!!! Heheheheh

tyme kat sUshi kIng ni cik honey n dR airil yg byk buat order because 3 of us ni can be consider jakun batak (quoted by cik honey) once we were in sushi king… yer lar… we are pure mAlaysian whom take nasi n lauk pauk mElayu + sambaL + tempoyak utk lUnch were asked to have some sushi for lunch… huhuhu…mMg x lark an…hehehhehe
tp x pe… it can be considered as trying something new… hehehheh… the sushi was okay… but we still miss the malay food… (proud to be Malaysian) hehehehe…ni haa sushi2 yg disebut td...

after we had our lunch at sushi king (at gurney plaza) we went for a window sowpink lar pulek… dengan duet yang x banyak n kad kRedit yang non-ada so we just cuci-cuci mata sarjowk… heheheheh… boleh cakap cantik tapi…… (siLa sMbung dialog 2 sEndiri) hehehehhe… sO ni lar gaye2 org tErlalu berWang sopink… hehehheheh…

dah pUas jalan2 we check iN apartment kAt batu feringgi… soRi because am not remember the apartment’s name… huhuhu… but it was good and the accommodation was not bad… because of the apartment have stove and cooking stuff we decided to cook for our dinner… yeeepppyyy… suka masak2 nih… hehhehe… tp sbLm masak kEne lar sopwink dUlu kan… lets enjoy the most berhemah behavior when sowpinkkkk… hehheeh (tp dlm nak sMpi kat tEsco kesayangan kak Embun ni ktorg sUme mMg beRapi manja sBB jauh giler… kononnya nak jimat tp aMbk mse sMpi sejAm kayh nak sMpi) hahahah

cooking tyme….
dR ariel was change his title to cHef airil… heheheh… (his a good cook)
so what was the menu???


Cool x menu ktorg… mMg masyuk gilErr kan… heheheh…
We had pasta…grilled chicken…sandwish…and some orange juice… seriously finger licking good!!!

Penang is one of the great places for holiday… we proof it… we did enjoy the hOliday…
We went to hard rOCk cafĂ©, nAsi kAndar line clear, town area (boleh beli jeruk byk2), padang kota…n laen2…

hard Rock Penang mmg best... siap ad live band lagi 2... kalo kat area town plak boleh jalan2 cuci mata dan cuci wallet plus isi perut... yummy... nasi kandar kambing mmg masyuk :))) weeeee...

For those yg belom pg penang u should go there…
The bEst word to describe??? Awesome… seriously do believe me… heheheh

tengoklah betapa gembiranya kami kan... hahahaha

so have a nice day peeps... ni jay tulis pd 12 Mei kalo x silap... bru dapat post... heheheh... dadaa~

Sunday, 17 April 2011

the baby just born and he wanna say hELLo

hye evEryone...

as the baby just born and he says hell0...hehhehe
i'm very new hEre and just learn how to blogging...
for those who wanted to drop a comment and to get know me i please u 2 do so...
for the start i may not have too much idea and it just about a introduction...

my name is khilatul pajar but i used to be called jaiey...

act this name is created when i was in school...
as many friends n teacher make their weird expression once they heard my name so i think i want to change it...
but now i don't mind...
even though my name is weird but i consider it as unique...
am 23 years old single...
hahhaha... of course i am!!!!
i love shopping and fashion...
but am not so fashionable... (x mampooo...heheheh)
am quite 'pemalu' once am meeting people but my friends never believe this...
as this is very short entry i would like to apologize and i really hope that we can be friend...
just enjoy the way who we are...

~thank you~